Have An Enjoyable Weekend in South Haven and Saugatuck

Barb and I enjoyed our weekend stay at the Seymour House Bed and Breakfast near South Haven, Michigan. We like traveling around southwestern Michigan and the Seymour House is comfortable lodging near places we like to visit. We had stayed at the house before, but not with the current owners. We checked in Friday evening and asked for dinner recommendations.

We chose fish and chips at the Thirsty Perch in South Haven. Barb ordered sweet potato fries, while I ordered “regular” fries. Both were excellent and unique. My meal came with pan-fried perch, though, so we talked with our waiter. He offered several options. I tried and liked the fish, so I accepted the meal at the same (lower) price as the fish and chips. We were both very pleased with our meals and the restaurant.

Our drive to and from the restaurant was punctuated with occasional sounds from under the car that varied with the car’s speed. The faster speeds sometimes produced a sound like driving over road that had been made bumpy by heavy machinery driving over it with tractor treads, or like when driving over a rumble strip, but softer. Slower speeds sometimes produced a grinding or rubbing sound.

Saturday morning at Seymour House, I asked co-owner Mike whether he knew of any car repair garages open on Saturday, so we could get the car checked for safety. He called several places for me. The local dealer could check the car, but could not repair it Saturday. A repair shop about 20 miles away in Bangor was open, so I asked Dan’s Automotive to check the car. Dan put the car on a hoist and found nothing wrong with transmission or brakes, so the car should be safe to drive. The rest of our vacation weekend driving was uneventful, so he was probably right. The people there were very nice and the charge was fair; I would likely go back to Dan’s again if I were in the area and needed car repairs.

While Mike checked our car repair options, we enjoyed a Seymour House breakfast of locally roasted coffee (from Uncommon Grounds), juice, pastries and breads and jams and shirred eggs made by Patty from locally grown products. The eggs were her own recipe that included cream and cheeses. The breakfast was outstanding; one of the best I have had. Sunday’s breakfast featured an additional bread, different pastry, different homemade jams, and a special recipe french toast. Also yummy.

Saturday after Dan gave our car the go-ahead, I phoned my Uncle Fred to see if he was available. He had nothing scheduled, so we had a good lunch at the Pump House Grille in St. Joseph, a favorite eatery of his. We chatted and let him look at recent family and events photos on my iPad. We both enjoy spending time with Uncle Fred and consider him a friend. He even put up his flag for us.

Later Saturday, we took pleasant walks around downtown areas in South Haven and Saugatuck. We made a few purchases and had a good dinner in Saugatuck. It was nice getting away for a couple of days to a pleasant area that has very nice people.


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