What Does Apple Plan to Cover?

Apple says “we still have a lot to cover” when announcing its October 22. People are wondering just what this means. It could mean they will be showing several new or enhanced products. I wonder if it might also mean they will be introducing special new covers for iOS devices. If the covers include a […]

Take Note with Vesper for iPhone(5)

I purchased the iPhone app Vesper within hours of its introduction Thursday (June 6, 2013) on the app store. The app’s elegant simplicity invites entering notes, thoughts, and todos. Using the app is the easiest way for me to enter notes of a few lines or less. So, I’ve entered items I thought of before, […]

Tim Cook on Leadership

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, spoke April 2013 at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He answered questions from Dean Bill Boulding and students at the 25th anniversary reunion of his graduation from the school. His answers are thoughtful and insightful. Duke posted several video pieces on YouTube on May 30. They are all linked together […]

Computer Science Education Week: December 9-15, 2012

Computer Science Education Week promotes the importance of Computer Science (CS) in education, especially in K-12 education. The results of Computer Science are all around us, from the apps on our computers and mobile devices to the way we communicate electronically. Learn more about CSEdWeek at http://www.csedweek.org. More importantly if you are a student, learn […]

Bridge the Gender Gap in Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science was prominent in a discussion on national news program PBS Newshour last evening (2012-04-26). Judy Woodruff interviewed Dr. Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College. Dr. Klawe’s initial point is “..we get very few young women going into computer science and physics and areas of engineering. And we even know the reason why […]