Tokyo's Transportation


By:Sai Kancharla

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Tokoyo has various transportation systems there. The place is so croweded that there arent alot of places to go to. They have subways, trains, and cars.The place is very busy that not many cars can go that fast. they also have street cars which i think are pretty neat.There is a transprotation comapany in tokoyo called Toei. Another way that they go around is by the waters. There are couple of airports. Lots of trains and subways. Most of the transportation is on foot because it is so crowded and there really isn't any place to go in a car and it just causes lots of air poultion.

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The second biggest kind of transportation in the subways. there are so many kinds of subways and lots of tracks so it will be useful also a fast way to travel more than cars.

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trains are also another part of the transortation because there is a lot of stations and most people don't have a lot of money and they will use if as a cheap way and also it is somewhat a fast way to get to point a to point b.

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boats and ships

Another big part of transportation for the goods and maybe you might want to go on a cruise and enjoy a day or so.

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Cars are also a big part of transportation because that is a main part of traveling and a much a quicker way to travel and get to places on time rather than walking. there is a lot taxis cuz everyone does not have a car and they all don't need a car because most of them walk to places that are probably near to them anyways.

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