Do Tablet Computers Have a Brighter Future?

Tablet computers may have a future brighter than their past. I liked some of the characteristics I saw when Microsoft introduced its Windows XP Tablet PC edition that has been implemented by various manufacturers since the early years of this decade. I even spoke about the theoretical benefits of TabletPCs in the spring of 2004. Some of the points are on my website. Microsoft has made improvements since then. Yet, tablets have so far remained a relatively small part of the computer market.

I believe Microsoft has had good TabletPC concepts, but the shipping products I have seen have fallen short of potential. Former Microsoft VP Dick Brass shed some apparent light on Microsoft internal issues in a recent New York Times Op-Ed article, Microsoft’s Creative Destruction. The article is one person’s view, of course. But whatever the reasons for shipping TabletPCs missing their potential, let’s hope Microsoft can improve their creativity and innovation. It’s for the benefit of our future.

Meanwhile, Apple recently introduced the iPad. (See iPad Announced by Apple.) We shall soon see whether their tablet design leads us to a brighter computing future.

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