Take Note with Vesper for iPhone(5)

I purchased the iPhone app Vesper within hours of its introduction Thursday (June 6, 2013)  on the app store. The app’s elegant simplicity invites entering notes, thoughts, and todos. Using the app is the easiest way for me to enter notes of a few lines or less. So, I’ve entered items I thought of before, but it was not quite convenient enough to enter them in other apps. That is a testament to Vesper’s user experience.

Items can be easily tagged at any time. Tags are easily added or removed, and lists of notes are by all notes, notes including a specific tag, or archive notes. Change the order of notes by dragging them up or down and leaving (dropping) them where you want them. Make a new note in a tag’s list and that tag becomes the default for the note. You can then change the tag(s), if needed.

You can slide a note left from a list screen to move it to the Archive list. You can slide a note left from the Archive list to move it to the regular lists, so you can move a note back if you change your mind or if the wrong note was moved.

Another feature is website names on your notes turn clickable when you leave the note writing screen. You don’t need the http:// part. The domain part of an email address similarly becomes clickable. Click either and you are taken to that page with the built-in web browser. You can copy text from the web page or click the “Send To” button and COPY to put the current url on the clipboard. You can also Send To SAFARI or MESSAGE or MAIL. Otherwise, you can choose Send To MAIL, MESSAGE, COPY, or DELETE from the message screen. So, you can delete a note when you are sure you have no further use for it.

I am pleased overall with Vesper. It feels more refined than one would reasonably expect from a 1.0 app. I have not wanted other choices for Send To so far, even though others have requested additions. The only thing missing for me is the ability to use the on screen keyboard in horizontal mode for wider spacing between the keys to make keyboarding easier and more accurate. Overall, though, I’ve had a good first few days experience with the app and look forward to using it for a long time. We will see how that works out. I recommend the app in the meantime. It is very good.

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