Itch to Blog Fixed

I have an itch to blog again. An upgrade to my MarsEdit blogging software seemed like a good opportunity, but the path had curves. The software would not connect to the server. I updated plugins and ran into a glitch trying to update security software provided by my hosting provider A2 Hosting. After asking A2 Hosting for help, David P, “WordPress Specialist and General Awesome at A2 Hosting”, fixed the glitch and continued to help.
MarsEdit still would not connect. I could use the web interface for posting, but I do not like doing that. David P found an app at It works, but works like a single page web browser. I searched for other Mac blogging software and found that MarsEdit is by far the best choice.
Meanwhile, MarsEdit’s developer Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software, also provided several suggestions over a period of days. He reported a strange network problem between my computer and the server. The problem was a “rogue” rule in my network monitoring software. I deleted the rule and MarsEdit now works!
I thank David P and Daniel Jalkut for their help; I consider them both “general awesome”.

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