Enjoy an Outing at Watkins Lake State Park and County Preserve

On a mid July Sunday, I drove our camper van to Watkins Lake State Park near Brooklyn Michigan (between Ann Arbor and Jackson and south). It was a warm day with fluffy clouds and a nice breeze. The drive near the park is on paved back roads, except for the park’s gravel road. The park road goes through the lake and there are areas on the right with rustic park fences and no obvious parking spaces.

The location designated as the park address on the electronic map only has a closed gate with a field behind it. I continue driving to see what shows up. A small parking lot appears on the right with the park sign. I park. There are no directions.

Barb and I follow the wide path mowed up a gentle hill. An empty flag pole on the right is next to a path leading in the direction of Watkins Lake.

It is a short distance to the crest of a hill with a large rectangle mowed in the grass. The space has a good view of the lake. We absorb the beauty and take pictures.

A path to the right (again) takes us to one of the fenced areas by the road. The area is grassy and shaded with artifacts of a water project of some kind. Other people approach, so we walk along the road back to the parking lot.

I was somewhat disappointed by the sparseness of information and improvements at the park. But, I enjoyed nature, the quiet country sounds and the lack of city sounds. The day, as I said, was beautiful; we had a pleasant visit.

I drove through the small towns of Manchester and Chelsea to see what they are like. Both towns have been around for many years, with Chelsea having newer growth. The afternoon drive refreshed us and lifted our spirits.

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