Small 2020 Adventure

Barb (my wife) and I planned ahead on the day in June we traded in our old truck and camper for our new (to us) Adventuremobile. We packed a picnic lunch. Our plan is to move from small adventures to larger and longer ones as learn how we and the new RV fit together and which items we most want to have with us.

We arose early in the morning with much to do. We had cleaned out the camper and truck in previous days and were out at the RV storage earlier than we often have breakfast. We hitched up the camper and checked everything a final time.

Employees met us outside the dealer to help with the transfer. We inspected our new RV and were trained in its operation. After going through the paperwork, we moved items to the new RV and drove.

I drove to Island Lake State Park for our first small adventure. The beautiful sunshine-filled day included clouds decorating the sky and birds singing in the parkland. I parked in a relatively empty lot overlooking Kent Lake. I opened up the camper with screens in place and we proceeded to enjoy our picnic lunch in the camper. The drive home completed our first small adventure in our new Adventuremobile.

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