Enjoy an Outing at Watkins Lake State Park and County Preserve

On a mid July Sunday, I drove our camper van to Watkins Lake State Park near Brooklyn Michigan (between Ann Arbor and Jackson and south). It was a warm day with fluffy clouds and a nice breeze. The drive near the park is on paved back roads, except for the park’s gravel road. The park […]

First 2020 Camp Adventure

Our first camping trip in the 2016 Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT Twin starts the last Sunday afternoon in June. We head northwest on I-96 to Lansing, south on Lansing Rd, then west on Vermontville Hwy. We continue to Hastings, then follow directions to Yankee Springs State Recreation Area.

Our camping site is 143, […]

Small 2020 Adventure

Barb (my wife) and I planned ahead on the day in June we traded in our old truck and camper for our new (to us) Adventuremobile. We packed a picnic lunch. Our plan is to move from small adventures to larger and longer ones as learn how we and the new RV fit together and […]

Adventuremobile 2020

The Michigan lockdown had been lifted. Eager to travel, I drove with my wife to explore nearby state park and recreation areas. I soon realized our exploration would be cut short if we did not want to use public restroom facilities.

The next realization was we would need a self contained traveling unit in order […]