The New iPad Initial Impressions

I purchased the new iPad March 16, 2012 at the nearest Apple store. It was the first time I have purchased a product on the first day it was available. The waiting line was short and a salesperson came to me within a minute of getting to the line. The store had prepared for the […]

Mobile Computing in Education

Mobile computing devices are popular and will become more popular. By mobile devices, I mean smart phones (such as the iPhone) and tablets (such as the iPad). Discussions about whether and how they should be used are going on in schools and businesses across the country.

Just this week, the topic came up Monday at […]

Do Tablet Computers Have a Brighter Future?

Tablet computers may have a future brighter than their past. I liked some of the characteristics I saw when Microsoft introduced its Windows XP Tablet PC edition that has been implemented by various manufacturers since the early years of this decade. I even spoke about the theoretical benefits of TabletPCs in the spring of 2004. […]

iPad Announced by Apple

The iPad looks like it can make significant contributions to the advancement of technology. How much so remains to be seen. It is enough different from other computing devices that extensive “analysis” by commenters on the Internet are worth little consideration unless the person has actually used the device.

I refer, for comparison, to my […]