MiCSTA 2011 Computer Science Education Week December 4-10, 2011 was Computer Science Education Week. CSEdWeek.org says: You can change the world using computing! Computer science is key to solving our world’s most crucial problems—such as environmental sustainability, poverty, hunger, and homeland security.  Computing gives you the power not only to shape your own future but also to change the world; Who knows—you could be the one to solve the greatest issue facing the world today or invent the next great innovation that makes the world a better place. Computing is Everywhere! 
From art to architecture, education to the environment, healthcare to human rights, and politics to public safety—there’s an exciting and rewarding career underpinned by computing waiting for you! See also CSEdWeek.org. Scratch Your Way into (Fun) Programming Scratch Your Way Into (Fun) Programming was presented the afternoon of March 17, 2011 to an interesting group of educators teaching at various levels from lower elementary all the way through college. Interested persons can download the pdf (2.2MB) or the keynote (7.8MB) versions of the information. Business Meeting: Thursday, March 17, 2011 The March MiCSTA meeting was a business meeting at MACUL 2011 in Detroit. We shared the noon timeslot with SIGCS, since several of us are members of both organizations. We talked about accomplishments (meetings) of the past year and ideas and aspirations for the next year. We considered working with SIGCS to offer programs in different parts of the state, perhaps python. We shared ideas for expanding our membership. Members were asked to consider being officers; a new member said maybe next year. It was moved, seconded, and voted to keep the same officers as last year. The meeting was adjourned. Cryptography: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Cryptography was the topic of the MiCSTA meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at 7pm at Troy High (at 4777 Northfield Pkwy, just south of Long Lake between Crooks and Coolidge. Enter lot off Northfield Pkwy and take quick left to parking lot by main office. Enter main doors, take stairs down to first floor and follow the signs to room 125). James H Wong and partner Lisa Younger of LogicalAnswers in Troy spoke. He offered us complementary 5-user DocuArmor software. If we provide the names and e-mails of five users, he would pre-generate the unique encryption key pairs and make the customized software available for download from their website, www.logicalanswers.com. In addition, each licensed app would include a "Group Key Pair" that would allow the encryption of a file to be decipherable by all members sharing the Group Key Pair. The software works on Windows. He had information and slides usable in CS classes.

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