MiCSTA 2016 April Meeting

MiCSTA’s April meeting was Tuesday, April 26 at Athens High School in Troy at 5:30pm. We contributed to a take-out meal as part of the meeting.

Barry Webster shared parts of Scratch that Coding Itch, a pre-conference workshop for MACUL2016, with additional materials available. Check out Scratch that Coding Itch for links and resources. We checked out the latest released sample exam questions for AP CS Principles. And, any other topic relevant to MiCSTA is fair game.

MiCSTA 2016 May Meeting

Our May meeting was Tuesday, May 24 at Lawrence Technological University 5:30 - 7:15 or so. We learned about robotics at LTU and toured their facilities. This was a very interesting and informative experience.

Summer 2016 Workshops

The College Board list of summer workshops is up and growing at apcentral.collegeboard.com/InstitutesAndWorkshops but certainly there are other organizations that run workshops as well, including code.org.

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