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Multimedia Web Programming 2

[CS222, MWP2, Spring Semester ]

In this course, students advance their techniques of programming and design for the World Wide Web, starting with the JavaScript language. Included are such concepts as loops, working with images, forms, and dynamic pages. We may be working with Java, PHP, MySQL, and/or web servers as time and interest permit.

This course builds on web programming techniques learned in CS221 or CS222 or CS211, one of which is required as a prerequisite for this class.

Resource texts for this class include JavaScript and Ajax, latest Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith (Peachpit Press).

Goals for this class include preparing students to prepare more advanced web pages and sites using JavaScript and other languages and techniques.

For types of assignments, grading policies, and other policies, see Computer Science Policies.

Prerequisite for this class is department chair approval and Programming and Design for the Web 1 (CS221 or CS222) or Multimedia and Programming (CS211). Intermediate Programming and Data Structures logically follows this course, especially for students planning to take Computer Science AB AP (Advanced Computer Science).

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