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Japan and Michigan

I traveled to Japan during November 2006 under the sponsorship of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund (JFMF). I learned many things and had a good time, I did the tech support for my Komaki group's final presentation (and helped other groups, too). The trip inspired the creation of this website to help advance the mutual understanding of Japanese and Americans.

While in Japan, I had students from one of my classes produce web pages on Tokyo. That way, they could learn about Tokyo. See their view of Tokyo.

Students in another of my classes produced web pages on Michigan. They learned about the topics they presented and wrote the pages themselves with simple html editing tools. They were in their first semester of learning about web programming. Students from other places, like Japan, can use these web pages to learn about Michigan.

My WEBster Japan Weblog is about my experience. I wrote most items while in Japan. I even posted some seasonal pictures.

We had a full schedule in Japan, included.

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