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Hour of Code Tutorials K-8 notes

Below are K-8 listings from Hour Of Code tutorials at https://code.org/educate/allhourofcode. Bulleted parts are from the linked website and/or observations.


Ages 5-13. Modern web browsers, iPad, Android. Learn to code by solving fun puzzles and build your own games.


Ages 8+. Desktop-only web browsers. Create your own interactive games, stories, and animations with Scratch!


Ages 5-13. ALL browsers and iOS, Android, or Game Console. Program Lightbot to solve puzzles using procedures and loops!

The Foos

Elementary (Pre-readers welcome). Modern web-browsers, iOS, Android. A fun game to learn about programming.


Elementary (Pre-readers welcome). Modern web-browsers, iPad. A fun iPad game to teach computer programming concepts.

Monster Coding

Ages 5-13. Modern web browsers, iOS, Android. A colorful self-guided programming adventure for children.


Ages 5-10. Modern web browsers, iOS. An immersive game to guide Marco with a visual programming language.

CS First

Ages 9-14. Modern web-browsers. Animate a story about two characters on the ocean. Add your own style!

Inside Out - Made With Code

Ages 9-14. Modern web-browsers. Help Riley from the Pixar animated movie Inside Out, write code to help her make it past some of the life challenges she experiences during the movie.

NCLab: Karel the Robot

Elementary. Web-based. Learn basic concepts of Computer Science by typing programs for a robot.

Alice Project

Elementary. Desktop or Game Console. Create an Alice animation with Garfield the Cat using two tutorials: Tutorial 1 sets up the scene. Tutorial 2 writes the program code.

Coding Pirates

Elementary. Web-based, Android, iOS. Learn to code with Captain Hack by visually programming with blocks.

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