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Multimedia and Programming

[CS211, MMP, Fall Semester ]

Students learn and practice many multimedia and programming skills in this course. Entering students need not be particularly technologically sophisticated, but should have creativity and an interest in multimedia. Some of the best works have been produced in this class by students having computing skills that are about average in the Country Day student population.

The dominant form of multimedia communication today is the world wide web, so learning how to produce multimedia materials for the web is a major part of this course. Students use a variety of programs, a variety of media sources, and a range of equipment from a simple scanner to a digital video camera. Students produce multimedia presentations and learning tools. Many class sessions include lab time, so some assignments may be completed in class. We use many materials for this class, including the resource text for web projects, HTML, XHTML & CSS, sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by Elizabeth Castro (Peachpit Press). This class changes every year as multimedia technologies evolve.

Goals for this class include preparing students to make their own multimedia presentation and learning tools, including shooting and editing videos, and designing and writing web pages to include at least html (hyper text markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets).

For types of assignments, grading policies, and other policies, see Computer Science Policies.

Intermediate Programming and Data Structures logically follows this course, especially for students planning to take Computer Science AB AP (Advanced Computer Science).

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