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DCDS Computer Science Courses

DCDS Computer Science courses as of spring 2012. Let them serve as computer science course examples. Click course names below (or on left) for course info. Course pages have links to sample assignment sheets.

Number Course Name (and link) Prereq. Fall / Spr
CS211 Multimedia and Programming None Yes / *
CS221,2 Programming and Design for the Web 1 None Yes / Yes
CS242 Multimedia Web Programming 2 CS2xx * / *
CS322 Intermediate Programming and Data Structures CS2xx or Jr/Sr * / Yes
CS433H Computer Science AB AP CS322 Yes
CS441,2 Advanced Topics in C++ CS433H ? / ?
CS451 Advanced Topics in Java CS433H ? / ?

Last Column: Yes means course offered, * means course not offered that semester.

DCDS Computer Science Courses Quick Overview

Multimedia and Programming (CS211) is offered Fall Semester. Programming and Design for the Web 1 (CS221) is offered Fall Semester and (CS222) Spring Semester. Both general-level courses have multimedia web development. CS211 includes digital video shooting, production, and editing, while CS221 includes JavaScript web programming. Students may take one of these classes.

Multimedia Web Programming 2, which may be offered in Spring, pre-requires another CS2xx course AND permission of the deparment chair.

Intermediate Programming and Data Structures (CS322), offered in Spring, provides a rich programming experience covering the first several chapters of the AP textbook. It can be the first computer science course for Juniors or Seniors. Otherwise, a CS2xx course is prerequired.

Computer Science AB AP (CS433H) is also known as Advanced Computer Science. CS322 is prerequired. CS433H continues where the Intermediate course (CS322) leaves off, after a quick review.

Advanced Topics courses are for students who have taken the Advanced Computer Science course who want to continue their computer science studies.

Click course titles (in the table above, or in the links on the left) for more.

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