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Programming and Design for the Web 1

[CS221, PDW, Fall Semester, or CS222 Spring Semester ]

In this course, students learn techniques of programming and design for the world wide web, including web page design, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) coding, cascading style sheets (CSS), and emphasize originality over canned effects produced by programs designed for beginners. Students continue with page enhancement using JavaScript, an introduction to Java, and more.

Resource texts for this class include HTML, XHTML & CSS, sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by Elizabeth Castro (Peachpit Press) and JavaScript and AJAX for the World Wide Web, sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith (Peachpit Press). The first text is required; the second is optional.

Goals for this class include preparing students to write web pages to include at least html (hyper text markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets, and JavaScript.

For types of assignments, grading policies, and other policies, see Computer Science Policies.

Intermediate Programming and Data Structures logically follows this course, especially for students planning to take Computer Science AB AP (Advanced Computer Science).

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