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Intermediate Programming and Data Structures

[CS322, IPDS, Spring Semester ]

This course logically follows either of the 200-level courses (Multimedia and Programming, CS211, or Programming and Design for the Web 1, CS221.) This course builds on pieces of programming learned in the prerequisite courses.

Juniors and Seniors with interest and ability in the physical sciences and/or mathematics may take this course as their first computer science course.

IPDS is an integral part of the advanced placement computer science sequence, covering the first few chapters of the Computer Science AB AP (ACS) textbook. Many students choose to continue with that course (CS433H). Intermediate Programming and Data Structures includes algorithms, general computing, object-oriented programming, and structured programming (including control structures and methods) concepts. The course currently uses the Java computer language.

The University of Michigan College of Engineering recognizes the importance of computer programming to high school students entering engineering. A grade of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Computer Science A exam can provide 2 college credits. (The AB exam can provide 4 to 6 college credits.) Furthermore, this class (CS322, IPDS) covers algorithms, programming in a high level language, and the organization of digital computers, as does their required ENG 101 "Introduction to Computers and Programming" course.

The current textbook for this course is Java How to Program, 8th ed, by Deitel and Deitel. It will also be the textbook for the Computer Science A(B) AP course. We use the official Java compiler for this course, and our favorite free syntax-coloring editor.

For types of assignments, grading policies, and other policies, see Computer Science Policies.

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