Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

I thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company this morning. Greg Miracle (owner) and Jim Cadariu (roast master) both made espresso samples that were all different and the best I’ve ever tasted. Greg showed me raw coffee, the roaster, and other equipment, and patiently explained answers to my numerous questions. A sample cup of the best drip coffee I have tasted was soon offered. I did not expect drip coffee to be this good.

It has been a challenge finding good coffee in southeastern Michigan and finding this place took a bit of sleuthing. The location is 389 Enterprise Court, which is best found by the large 389 on the building on the south (right) side of the road. It is east of Franklin Road and three blocks north of Square Lake Road.

This company provided excellent coffee for Future Midwest conference, which provided the prompt for this excursion. Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company coffee: highly recommended.

UPDATE: Typo corrected.

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