LadyParagons: “Why I Became a Computer Engineer”

Website LadyParagons believes women and girls can and do exceed at STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They are “building a community to tell the stories of women in STEM, showcase women’s STEM organizations, and provide a platform where ladies can help ladies succeed in STEM careers”. The site is cofounded by Marie Webster and Sarah (Webster) Worsham. Marie Webster has a Ph. D. in pharmacology and molecular sciences and is a postdoctoral fellow at the Wistar institute. Sarah Worsham has an MBA and is co-owner of Sazbean Consulting doing digital strategy and web development. Learn more about them at LadyParagons’ about page. I am very proud of what these women are accomplishing, of course.

Sarah Worsham recently wrote “Why I Became a Computer Engineer” on LadyParagons. May it be an inspiration to young people to consider and go into a computing-related field. She writes

Why did I become a Computer Engineer? It wasn’t what I originally set out to do, but it has always felt “right”.  Whenever I get a chance to program, I get a thrill of figuring out a problem, coming up with a solution and putting it into place.  Engineering is a discipline of creation, logic and problem solving.  The skills I’ve learned have been applicable to not only management roles, but also marketing.

Coincidentally, I happened on computing after developing a variety of interests. Kalamazoo College had a computer fifty years ago. I worked for their computer center and learned my first programming from IBM technical manuals and with other student computing explorers. There were no computing courses for credit at the time. The college now has had them for many years. In fact, computing courses should be everywhere. Promote them in your local schools.

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