New Piano Brings High Definition Sound

University music departments’ used piano sales started started my wife and I thinking about upgrading our piano from the small used one we bought some 35 years ago. Wayne State University’s sale was near, so we checked out multiple pianos a couple of days ago. Pianos now come in several shapes and sizes. Our salesman (Paul, from Evola Music) helpfully led us through the many choices. He played and we played and listened to uprights and small grand pianos. A 51 inch tall upright stood out with a full, rich sound. The keys have a luxurious touch that can play a much wider dynamic range than our old piano. We purchased the piano; it was delivered the same day.

At home, the piano’s sound continually amazes. We have experienced sounds we did not know a home piano could make. And, the piano is more fun to play because of its sound and keyboard touch. We certainly have been playing the piano more often. Wow. The experience reminds me of the first times experiencing a new and better sound system. Or, the first times experiencing high definition television (HDTV) in your home.

The piano is a Kawai K-500, in case you would like to check it out.

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