Local: King’s Garage Farmington

I like to patronize locally owned businesses. Items retailers sell are likely to be different than what is available from the big national chains, so patronizing local businesses can promote a variety of items being available. Other local businesses provide services tuned to the needs of the area. I find that they often provide better service at good prices. Locally owned businesses deliver or they do not survive. Plus, money they take in tends to stay in the area. King’s Garage is a local business in Farmington (Michigan) that has been serving my automobile repair needs for many years. I keep cars for a long time, so a good service garage is important to me.

King’s provides estimates and guarantees your cost will not exceed the estimate without first getting your approval. They check over the car while estimating and give you options if they find additional items, especially when safety is involved. The focus is always on what is best for the customer.  If you need a ride to your home or office when leaving or picking up your car, they will take care of that. I have had them weld a part for me when one was not available otherwise for a reasonable price. They installed a rebuilt engine that is still going 160 thousand miles later. They have good pricing, too. Your mileage may vary, as they say, but I like doing business with King’s Garage (http://www.kingsgarageautorepair.com/).

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